Commission Work

My work is primarily commissioned, which means that the images you see on my website are from previous orders and can be made in any color of your choice.

While pricing varies based on the design, it generally falls within the same price range as the listings you see online.

Here's how it works:

if you find a piece that interests you, fill out the contact form with details such as the design(s) you are drawn to, the color family you prefer (e.g. white, cream, brown, beige, green, blue), and whether you want it framed or unframed.

It's helpful if you can provide measurements or photos of your space to give me an idea of where the artwork will be placed and what your style preferences are.

Once I have this information, I will offer size and color recommendations and work on a mockup to give you a visual in your space.

We will collaborate to find the perfect piece for your space, and once you've made a decision, I will send you an invoice link to complete your order. The processing time for your order is typically 2-3 weeks, and shipping takes around 1 week. Shipping is free within Canada and the USA.

For other locations, please provide your address so I can provide a quote.


Let's work together to make a commissioned piece that reflects your unique style and preferences!